Business Alliance with Vietnam Groove

Agility Asset Advisers Inc. (“the Company”) has entered into a business collaboration agreement with Vietnam Groove, a general sales agent for Japanese customers of VINGROUP, the largest real estate developer in Vietnam, on January 22, 2019 together with Phillip Capital Group, a business partner of the Company. The business alliance with Vietnam Groove will promote real estate projects jointly through the introduction of development projects of VINGROUP to investors in Asia.


Kinji Kaiho
Representative Director
Agility Asset Advisers Inc.



[Overview of Vietnam Groove]

Corporate name Vietnam Groove
Head office Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Capital 1,000,000 USD
Listing classification Unlisted
Industry sector Real estate

Vietnam Groove conducts the real estate sales agent business, the real estate rental agent business and the foreign investment consulting business as an official sales agent of leading real estate companies in Vietnam, including Vinhomes.


[Overview of VINGROUP]

Head office Hanoi, Vietnam
Capital 31,916,209,300,000 VND (as of June 30, 2018)
Listing classification Listed (Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange, Securities code: VIC)
Industry sector Real estate

VINGROUP was established in Ukraine in 1993 as a noodle manufacturing company before becoming the present company after its founder returned to Vietnam. Twenty-five years after its foundation, it conducts businesses in seven areas of its mission (real estate, the environment, hospitality, retail sales, medical services, education and agriculture) for the purpose of improving the living standards of the Vietnamese and conserving the environment. In terms of company size, VINGROUP has about 50,000 employees and total assets of 249,005,064,742,341 VND (approximately 1,175.1 billion yen).

Establishment of a New Company of AAA Group in Singapore

Agility Asset Advisers Group (“AAA Group”) will establish Agility Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“AAM”), a new company for conducting the real estate-related investment advisory business, real estate securitization and the fund business-related business in the region centered on Southeast Asia and China, on January 31, 2019 jointly with Agility Partners Pte, Ltd. (“Agility Partners”), a subsidiary of Phillip Capital Group, a business partner of Agility Asset Advisers Inc. (“the Company”), and AAM will commence business operations on the same day.

Since July 2016, AAA Group has been developing businesses centered on the inbound investment management business in real estate in Japan with Phillip Capital Group as a business partner and, following the major recent trend of Japanese companies of developing the real estate-related investment business in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, conducting business to support the development of this business. To provide full-scale support for the development of the investment business of Japanese companies in Asia and develop our business jointly with these Japanese companies, we have decided to establish AAM at this time as an outlet for this business in Singapore, which is a hub in Asia.

After commencing business operations, we will establish a liaison office in Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok in the first fiscal year with Vietnam and Thailand, which is enjoying remarkable economic growth, as areas of focus. From fiscal 2020, we will expand the range of activities in other Asian regions. With respect to the capital structure of the new company, Agility Holdings Inc., a holding company of AAA Group, will commence a new structure by underwriting capital increase through private placement of 50% of shares of AAM (Agility Partners currently has a 100% stake currently).


Kinji Kaiho
Representative Director
Agility Asset Advisers Inc.



(About Phillip Capital Group)

Phillip Capital Group is a financial group with Phillip Securities Pte. Ltd., a securities company established in Singapore in 1975, as its core. It has now established bases in 17 countries around the world to develop securities, trust, banking, insurance, financial futures and financial IT businesses.
AAA Group formed a capital alliance with Phillip Capital Group in July 2016 and plays a role as a platform for the real estate securitization and asset management of Phillip Capital Group in Japan.


(About Agility Partners Pte. Ltd.)

Agility Partners Pte, Ltd. is a company that was established by Phillip Capital Group in Singapore in 2016. It has CKS Consulting Pts. Ltd., a real estate appraisal company with a history of nearly 100 years in Singapore, under its umbrella. It has now organized Agility Asian, a network of real estate appraisal companies with local leading companies, mainly in Southeast Asia and also engages in businesses such as real estate fund investment and real estate brokerage.


Overview of the New Company

Name Agility Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Address 250 North Bridge Road, #06-00, Raffles City Tower, Singapore
Capital 250,000 Singapore dollars
Shareholders Agility Holdings Inc.: 50%
Agility Partners Pte. Ltd.: 50%
Directors Kinji Kaiho
Lee Tang Keat
Teo Hock Hoe
Main businesses (1) Real estate asset management business outside Japan
(2) Real estate investment advisory in the region centered on Southeast Asia
(3) Local partner introduction business in the region centered on Southeast Asia
(4) Real estate investment fund-related business mainly in Southeast Asia
(5) Other related businesses
Commencement of business operations End of January 2019 (planned)

Notice of Establishment of Agility Holdings Inc.

Agility Asset Advisers Inc. announces that it decided to adopt a holding company management structure on January 5, 2018. Based on this decision, it has established Agility Holdings Inc., a holding company under which three operating companies, namely, Agility Asset Advisers Inc., AAA Consulting K.K., and AAA Investment K.K., are positioned. The transition to a new structure as a group company, including the said holding company structure, has been carried out with the aim of clarifying the businesses operated by the respective group companies and optimizing management.


Kinji Kaiho
Representative Director
Agility Asset Advisers Inc.



Outline of Change in Management Structure

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