Agility Asset Advisers is Entrusted with New Asset Management Operations


Agility Asset Advisers Inc. (Representative: Kinji Kaiho; hereinafter “the Company”) announces that, in collaboration with Sakia Hospitality Co., Ltd. (Representative: Shuya Kuwana; hereinafter Sakia Hospitality), the Company has completed the acquisition of Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens located on Lake Biwa and its operations, and has also been entrusted with the asset management operations of the assets under management shown below on behalf of foreign investors.

In this project, the Company and Sakia Hospitality will combine their accumulated expertise and knowledge to turn the hotel around and make it a leading hotel in the region.


Outline of assets under management

Types of assets under management Hotel
Location Kayanoura, Otsu, Shiga Prefecture
Structure, Number of floors Reinforced concrete construction
Use Hotel
Site area 25,264.38 sqm (Registered area)
Total floor area 41,847.33 sqm (Registered area)
Number of guestrooms 169
Completion date March 1990
Acquisition date December 22, 2017


Outline of operation company

Company name Royal Oak Resort Corporation
Address 23-1 Kayanoura, Otsu, Shiga Prefecture